Egypt: First Conference of Family House Kicks Off in Cairo


Secretary General of the Egyptian Family House Mahmoud Hamdi Zaqzouq and Bishop Ermia, General Bishop and President of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center, and Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram on Tuesday inaugurated the first conference of the Egyptian Family House.

The conference, titled “Together Against Terrorism”, is held under the auspices of Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed el Tayyeb and Pope Tawadros II of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church.

Addressing the conference, Zaqzouq called for making an accurate definition to terrorism in order not to allow terrorists to manipulate it according to their agendas.

He asserted that terrorism is an international phenomonon that has no nationality or religion, noting that all Muslims suffer from the consequences of terrorism.

He reiterated that the conference focuses on activating the role of religious scholars in challenging terrorism as well as upgrading education to protect the coming generations from the mistaken ideas of extremism. He also criticized the policies which do not differentiate between the concepts of Jihad (to defend the rights) and terrorism which is totally rejected by Islam.

Zaqzouq also lauded President Abdel Fattah El Sisi for fulfilling his promises of building the biggest church and mosque in the new administrative capital and his presence at the Christmas celebrations in a signal that Egypt is supporting peace and cooperation among its fellow citizens in standing against terrorism as well as pushing forward development efforts.