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5 Truths About Live-In Relationships That No One Tells You

Thanks to the beautiful, manipulative world of cinema, and our ( mostly unnecessarily) very opinionated society, people’s perceptions of live-in relationships are somewhat mixed. There are some who think it’s the coolest thing in the world- you’re able to share a home with your boyfriend, without having to go through the ordeal of involving both families, getting married, or worrying about people who go “Tauba-Tauba!” And then there are those who do invariably go “Tauba Tauba!” and question why anyone in their right (sanskaari) minds, would want to indulge in such a juvenile, millennial act.

Whatever your take is, there’s one fact that remains – live-in relationships are being considered by many young couples. We suggest you know what you’re getting into, before you take the plunge! Sharing a house and home with your better half has many sides to it, and because we’re only shown or told about certain aspects of what it entails, we’re often left in a tricky spot. So today, we decided to give you some unbiased and experience-based gyaan, on what to expect, if you’re contemplating moving in with bae. This ain’t nothing but the truth:

1.  You will have to change some of your ways


We’ve often heard about how some relationships demand you make certain “adjustments.” Well, sorry to drop a truth bomb, but it’s not just some, its most relationships. Especially when you decide to live with your partner, there are some things he’s bound to discover he hates about you and the same goes for you. A little toning down or stepping it up might be required, just FYI.

2. The family will get involved


Unless you’re planning to hide it from your respective parents, which is a terrible idea, they will get involved. There are going to be days on which his family will want to get to know you more, or even try to initiate talks about marriage. If you love him enough, you’re going to have to make your peace with that, and find a way to wriggle out or simply address touchy conversations.

3. There’s a good chance the sex will decrease over time


One great misconception people have about live-in relationships, is that the couple will be all over each other, having the steamiest sex of their lives. Uh… sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s far from the truth, ladies! If anything, because you live day-in and day-out with the person, and have access to them whenever and wherever, the need and want to constantly be “at it,” dies down. Of course you can still continue to have great sex when both of you are down for it, but with time, the frequency decreases.

4. Breaking-up will be a longer and harder process


In case, and God-forbid you two don’t hit it off in the long run, when it’s time to call it quits, you’ll realise that it’s tougher than a normal break-up. Since you all live together, you would’ve naturally built a stronger, closer bond with your partner, and he would’ve (at some point) become almost like a habit. As any habit is hard to break, this will be, too.

5. You will find joy in things you least expected


If there are negative, there are also a lot of positives that people miss out on, while talking about live-in relationships. One such good thing is how you begin to discover the actual depth and strengths of your equation with your guy. You’ll begin to find pleasure in even the simplest things, or things that may appear to be “boring” to those who are in casual relationships; like watching TV together before sleeping, or separating the whites from the colored clothes, before doing the laundry on a Sunday afternoon.