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A little more Christmas cheer!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas day in my house started on an interesting note, though nothing unexpected. J wanted N’s present, and N wanted J’s present. A simple swap should have solved the problem, except that a few moments later, they both wanted their original presents, which led to a few squabbles, and loads of crying. Nothing unexpected since we are dealing with 2 toddlers! Squabbles or not, they had presents, and we were all merry.

So let us stick with the very merry. I want you to think Christmas. I want you to think bright lights. I want you to think presents.

I want you to think of your every day routine and the people in your neighbourhood – the walk to the train station/bus-stop, the okada/bus/train ride, the weekly shopping at the grocer’s, or quick stop at the newsagent/aboki for that out of pantry item. Remember the street trader, and the next door neighbour, the parent/teacher/care-giver you see during drop-off and the other ones at pick up.

Remember how you asked, “how are you?”, and they in turn responded “fine, thank you”, and off you went along you merry way, as we all do. Do you wonder if indeed he/she is as good on the inside, as he/she sounded on the outside? Or why he/she may have responded that way, when his/her face told a different story. What about the stranger sat close to you a while ago who seemed absent in the present?

As Christmas decorations add colour, beauty and light, and bring objects to the fore, could you add a bright spark to “your everyday people” by letting them know you see them? Let us change the “how are you” script, and try a lil’ something like this.

How are you?” you ask, “fine, thank you” he/she responds…
For that person whose face doesn’t match their response, what a difference you might make as you give him/her a pat on the back, a firm handshake or a tight shoulder squeeze.
Even if they sound chirpy, but for a second you hear a hollow from within, make a difference with a few extra seconds, muster the biggest smile you can, and let them know, you will be cheering them on, all the way to the finish line.
For the undoubtedly sincere fine, thank you”, still take a minute to say, “I am really glad to hear you are doing well!”.

Whatever time of year, warm September sunshine, “leaves are falling” autumn, present “your everyday people” a little more Christmas cheer, for their everyday living.

Whether you be eating chest nuts or mince pies, stuffing up on left-overs or sipping mulled wine, just chillin’ or doing something else, here’s a nice Christmas album for your listening pleasure.

Have a Merry Christmas people.

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So true and very well put. Spend a little more time on people. That could just be the difference their lives need that day or the very thing that will pull them from the brink of depression. A little goes a very long way. Thank you so much BLP. 😍😍😍

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