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A moment of reflection!


The last couple of weeks have been scary for most of us, as we’ve seen life as we know it change rather quickly.

Phrases such as “all things being equal” seem redundant at this time, and social distancing is the new normal.

Toilet rolls have suddenly become the “must-have” accessory, and even I have almost given in to the hysteria, but who can blame me?

For a lot of us, our concern is how to engage kids who are now out of school, whether we are stocked up on enough food and supplies (till further notice), how to kill boredom…

The stark reality of reality (forgive the pun) is that if like me, you fall in this category, then consider yourself in a good place. For whilst we war against a deadly virus in the confines of our home, and our angst be against the government’s response (or lack thereof), or the shopper who grabbed the last can of baked beans before you could, you have the solace of your home.

For a minute, I am reminded of the wars in different parts of the world (in particular the Middle East), where a father lies helpless, unable to protect his family and a mother’s only prayer 🙏 is that the shelling doesn’t kill them this time!

As we continue living through these abnormal days, take a minute to remember those in war-torn zones. And for those for whom the situation may be a bit more dire because you fall within the “covid-19 vulnerable group”, or you are directly affected by the loss of a family member or friend, or the loss of a job, may you find the comfort, grace, strength and courage to pull through!

And for us all, may we all pull through this, complete in our numbers. God keep us all. Amen!

One more thing, please let’s be responsible about the information we share. The World Health Organisation (WHO) remains THE SINGLE UNIFIED CREDIBLE SOURCE for information on coronavirus, and I appeal to all to stick with this one single source of truth for all updates. The WHO whatsapp Health Alert is a useful contact to have on whatsapp.

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About the author
BLP is the owner of this blog, which she developed out of the need to present news/stories with a focus on Africa and the black community in an easy to read format.
BLP has a keen interest in solving problems in the developing economy through the use of technology. Of all BLP’s passions, she finds loving and looking after her 2 sons and her husband most rewarding.



That was quite inspiring/encouraging. We should try not to allow Covid 19, take away our peace, so also media noices that creat anxiety in our minds. Let’s forcus more on the promises of God re Bible passages e g psalms 91 etc. HE who destroyed Ebola virus is still on the throne. HE will very very soon destroy this ravaging pestilence(covid 19) by the power in the blood of Jesus. Just have FAITH & obey the medical rules. Stay in door as you remain under the shadow of the Almighty.

Covid 19 is truly a game changer which truly humbles all,Cant wait for life after Covid and praying for the best and knowing we have all learnt from this hopefully

You can’t help but see things to be grateful for inspite of the uncertainty.
For instance, one can only panic buy if one has the means to do so. For sadly, many do not

How so true. Lovely heart searching and soul reaching facts. May God help us to make the real thing the real thing.

Well written. These are trying times for everyone. The normal seems not so normal anymore. Everything is magnified 10 times.
Let’s draw strength from close family and friends via the internet or over the phone.
Let’s talk more to each other whilst at home. It’s funny you find out a lot of things you did not know before.
Stay safe! Stay home!
Shout out to all the Key workers.

Thanks BLP

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