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#BE the change


I’m gonna keep this short!

Like most people, I belong to at least one whatsapp group.

Like most people, I receive a number of forwarded messages as a member of those groups, and often in form of pictures/images.

Like most people, I see the image, I laugh, and I forward. Some of these images are often funny, and sharing the humour by forwarding to another friend/group is all I can think to do. I like, I share!

But wait a minute, what about when these images are not at all funny, and stir up indignation in your soul? When these images can adversely affect a whole generation?

Like most people, I may add a facepalm/smh smiley or an omg smiley to express my dismay at the content; but then I do the one thing most people do, I forward in the hope that this feeling of indignation can be felt by the receiver of my forward, and that he/she/they can stir up this feeling of indignation further afield, as the forwarding cycle continues. Like most people, that’s all I do (#facepalm that).


PEOPLES, THERE IS A BETTER WAY! You can BE the change!

Rewind to a few weeks ago, and there I go again! I forward an image to a whatsapp group. In this recipient group, is a very good friend who has the good sense to do better, be better! Here’s the thing, she could have stayed complacent as I, with the “my kids are kuku not going to school in Nigeria, so I am unaffected attitude“, but no folks, she did better.

Outside wives

Here is what my friend did; she wrote to the publisher of the book, and started the right chain reaction. I will let the images (email chain) speak for itself, but I must say one last thing, #BE the change, we all have a part to play in rebuilding our country Nigeria.

For help, try self-help books.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amen!

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Food for thought, AND action. I generally would not forward anything that is contrary to my beliefs/values. But this is taking a (positive) step further.

Thanks for this. Short and sweet read and a call to action! I wonder what the original content / image was about which raised the initial concern , from reading this, it sounds like it shouldn’t have been there anyway so kudos to the reader who called it out and took some action to create change in this way. We should all be inspired to ‘do’!

Thanks for this. The original image which raised the concern is attached to this article (outside wives). Indeed, we should all be inspired to do.

Now , I’m a firm believer in not forwarding anything that is averse to my values but this inspires me to take steps to be the change. Kudos!

Well done BLP for putting pen to paper on a topic that is quite sensitive. Not everyone can push for a change but we can all contribute positively to create change.

Absolutely…while we should be the change we desire ,it could be very difficult for a number of reasons. One being that people are burdened with life’s issues and don’t simply have the energy to be that change.

This is so encouraging. Like most people, I saw the picture and laughed. Sometimes we do not realise how powerful we are. Evil grows when good people are silent. Thanks for sharing. This has challenged me.

Thanks for sharing this.
If everyone thinks the next person will do it, no one ends up doing it

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