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What an interesting period it has been, this COVID-19 season.

There has been so much to learn (and unlearn), so much time for introspection. I have learned a few things…

  1. You can get by on so little, at least on much less than you thought was essential for survival. 
  2. We were not created for social distancing. We were created for relationships and that is why this is so mentally challenging. Even introverts miss having the choice to interact, or having others interact around them.
  3. Relationships exist for a reason and are important. I have received calls from the strangest people! Those that I did not even know I existed in their worlds. I just want to check that you are ok, they say. Even friends that were keeping malice suddenly decided to make peace! Perhaps the thought of being confronted with one’s mortality causes us to take the higher moral ground? To be fair, I have in turn done the same, and reached out to people to mend fractured relationships.
  4. And then resilience. A number of people from my running clubs have done half-marathons (21.1km) in their living rooms! And to my knowledge, none live in Buckingham Palace! The craziest for me was this lady that did a full marathon ON HER BALCONY!! 4,220 loops!!! I am dizzy just thinking about it. Running is what they do. Social interaction is what is restricted, not movement. So they moved within their limits yet tested their limits! It is amazing what the human spirit can achieve.
  5. Family. We had a family Zoom call, across continents, generations, and time zones! Oh the blessings of technology! It was really nice connecting with everyone simultaneously. We were all so excited that everyone was speaking at the same time! When someone suggested we speak in turns, another responded that what’s the fun in that! Thankful for family.
  6. There is a school of thought that says you must get a PhD during this down time. I exaggerate but you get my drift. Another says please! I beg you! No pressure! Do your thing and let me do mine. My counsel would just be that you ensure you use the time you have been given wisely. Be it to catch up on sleep, bible study, fitness goals, TV series, acquire a new skill, upscale your side hustle….! YOUR call.
  7. I had the opportunity to talk to some doctors in the front line. I asked them why they chose to be on the battlefield at this time of war. A recurring response was that “it is a calling”. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes. May the Lord’s covering be upon these ones and may He reward their labour of love.
  8. Even if you are not a health worker, there are other ways to care. This season has brought about the basic goodness in people. Show love, share food, volunteer, encourage someone. There is something you can do.
  9. I am sure most would agree that God has got our attention. We would do well to listen. It would be profoundly sad if after all this, we miss the message. May we all come out on the other side stronger.

What is sure is that this disease is real. Real people have died and are still dying. As yet, there are no answers, only prayers. Whatever you believe, you must let faith triumph over fear. May the Lord intervene swiftly and comfort the world!

There is always sufficient reason for despair, but never sufficient purpose – Robert Brault.

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ModupeOluwa wears many hats which include mother, daughter, sister, friend, OGQC, daughter of the most High and is passionate in all these roles. Writing is another passion of hers and she is happy to share her life’s experiences. She strongly believes that her name, which means “I thank God” is a prophetic instruction, which she endeavours to obey in all circumstances.

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