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I remember, many years ago, when “the youth” started leaving orthodox churches for pentecostal churches, how it caused quite a stir amongst our parents, who felt these churches were luring us to fund the pastor (and pastorage’s lifestyle). They were wrong, they were right!

The “Nigerian church” has played a major role in enabling bad governance; in the bid to “pray for those in authority”, have celebrated these dignitaries at “our” gatherings like “they” were the reason we gathered. I understand some of these churches have now released statements in support of the ENDSARS movement. I have not read any of these, but I do hope it includes a statement or two to acknowledge the complacent role the “Nigerian church” has played in the bad governance of our nation. I also hope this is a moment of awakening and reckoning for the “Nigerian pentecostal church” to review its governance, and strive for financial accountability (to the letter) and transparency.

Let me bring this back. In those days of “orthodox church exodus”, I remember attending a conference at which Bishop TD Jakes addressed the leaders of these orthodox churches, our parents, and “the youth” of that generation. He talked about the story of Eli and Samuel (1 Sam 3). Each time, as the Lord called, Samuel would run up to Eli, and say, “you called, here I am’. Eli would respond, “I did not call”, and Samuel would go back to lay down. At the third strike, Eli realised what was happening (God calling Samuel), and said, the next time you are called, respond, “speak, for your servant is listening”. Bishop Jakes said, the older generation understood the ways of the Lord, but it was the younger generation that heard the voice of God.

In similar manner, when Job was “going through”, his 3 older friends gave their opinion. Here is Job’s response, in Job 32: 7 I said, ‘age should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom.’, 8 But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding. 9 Great men are not always wise, nor do the aged always understand justice.

I have read and heard well-meaning comments from my generation, and the generations before me (the #OffTheMic generation), and it feels like we are about to fall into the folly of the goons that approached Job. Yes we may have counsel, and with all the insta-messaging, it may not be easy to keep up with all things #ENDSARS, nonetheless, it is time to respect the Nigerian youth for they have earned it.
Respect their ways and their methods! Let them stumble as they go along, let them do it their way, haphazard or not; for they have demonstrated their strength of conviction and strength of commitment.

Hats off to the Nigerian youth!
Enough respect, to the Nigerian youth!!

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BLP is the owner of this blog, which she developed out of the need to present news/stories with a focus on Africa and the black community in an easy to read format.
BLP has a keen interest in solving problems in the developing economy through the use of technology. Of all BLP’s passions, she finds loving and looking after her 2 sons, her daughter and her husband most rewarding.



Brilliantly written and presented. No i dont believe the pentecostal church will come out with any form of an apology. I am glad to see the youth awake, focused and determined to get a long term solution. May God breathe fresh wind over Nigeria..make it great again. Well done sis.

Brilliantly written BLP. We pray for a better Nigeria where the youth are listened to and not just told to “shut up ! “ as their elders are talking of have spoken.

For me growing up back then in Nigeria is different to bringing children up now in the Uk where the children are more expressive they speak their mind they aren’t told it is rude to have an opinion when adults speak.

The child’s voice, expression and words means so much. We as parents become students and learn from them and this builds their confidence, resilience and prepares them for their future.

We pray for a better Nigeria’s….Where the youths voices are heard and seen as important , meaningful and sensible.

#EndSars #WeMove #Soro Soke.

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