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God is soooooooo wicked!


Why in God’s name is God so wicked? Why? Just, why? I can’t believe there’s an all-powerful being out there that will allow war, poverty, wickedness and more to flourish! How could he/she/it? All these religious bigots that spread their esoteric spiritual theories and philosophies ignorantly are sickening. I’m done with this crap!

Believe it or not, this is a fairly common rant by a human being on the face of our planet. It’s not really such a big deal. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and “their truth”(*rolls eye). But consider this. If this person is a Nigerian, there’s a distinct possibility that said character has flouted a minimum of three rules within a 24-hour period or at least been complacent when they could’ve helped. Let me paint you a few scenarios. 

Act 1, scene1. It’s about 8pm, traffic is light, you’re at an intersection and the traffic light is red. You decide, “abeg nobody dey, make I pass jor”.

Act 2, scene 1. A car passes you and you notice that the door isn’t properly shut. You’ve had a long day so “e no concern you”.

Act 3, scene 1. Your wife has just returned from work really fagged out, however, you are extra iffy because your “straight from the river fresh fish” hasn’t landed in your plate yet! 

Act 4, scene 1. Your female bestie and you go clubbing. You all come back home,nothing odd about that, but she’s drunker than usual and suddenly you’re in the mood. 

What’s the point of all this story that you’re talking?

Simple. Ever heard the term “chain reaction”? It’s a situation where one action sets off a series of events. So, here, let me create a tapestry of chain reactions for you concerning the scenarios from above. 

Act 1, scene 2. The driver runs the red light unaware there’s a car racing to beat an amber light turning red on his side of the intersection. The oncoming car notices a little too late and swerves to avoid the traffic offender. He swerves into an electric pole. Electric pole crashes on top of several static cars, dangling naked wires strike innocent pedestrians. Of course, surrounding houses have now lost power(for lord knows how long, a la NEPA). The “God why” chorus is now in full rendition. 

Act 2, scene 2. Driver of the improperly closed door car takes a sharp turn. Sleeping infant rolls out of car and unto the road. Oncoming car sees infant too late. If infant gets squashed, there’s a huge possibility that if it’s a densely populated area, the driver is about to face mob action and/or jungle justice. If infant isn’t crushed and driver swerves into the crowd or an area where there’s property damaged, more “yawa”! And mob action can still result. The “God why” chorus is now in full rendition. 

Act 3, scene 2. Out of the need for wifely obligation, madam enters kitchen. Because of exhaustion, she’s not as aware as she normally would be, she strikes a match to light the cooker but fails to notice that the gas has been left on. Boom! Imagine if this happened in a “face me, I slap you” compound. A few families just became homeless. A husband might have just lost a wife. A child might have been struck by projectile. In short “God why” hits the airwaves. 

Act 4, scene 2. You’ve had your way and you’re now back to your sense. The next morning “bestie” realises what happened. First and foremost, the friendship is over. Next, “bestie” gets pregnant. What you didn’t know was that bestie has “a condition” where she’s been advised NOT to have children(yet). Neither you nor “bestie” can afford a child. All sorts of prognosis for future are now rolling through your mind like a bad movie. She’s left thinking “God why”.

All these scenarios do not form even a scratch of all the evils that have been perpetuated by men. There are political, economic and ecclesiastical scenarios that I’ve said nothing about that can cause greater consequences for far more people that will lead to a “God why” chorus. 

Before you label God as being soooooo wicked, ask yourself if God was responsible for any of the decisions made by these people.

Is God really (that)wicked?

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Equally adept at rapping and sound production, he has now turned his attention to writing pieces that resonate with the current state of the global village known as the world, but from a Nigerian point of view. The Lagos-based rapper/presenter/producer and now writer, just wants to find creative ways of sharing that jumbled hot-mess mind of his.

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