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Healthy Choices 2020


Running the London Marathon is somewhere down the bottom of my bucket list. It would be an opportunity to
1/ support a charity close to my heart like the NSPCC, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Premier Praise
2/ do something on the fit & healthy track
3/ dress in truly outlandish fashion

Apparently, training for and completing a marathon even at relatively low exercise intensity reduces vascular age by about 4-years.

Though I do not wear a health tracker, raising 2 toddlers, and living in a town-house means I probably hit 5K steps tending to the boys and climbing the stairs several times a day. I also do so much laundry during the week, I might as well be a laundromat!

I remember when my older sister started wearing glasses when she hit 40; she said, “your eyes will be the first to go”. I snickered, and alas, look who is wearing glasses now!

My nephew still considers me his young aunty, and over the weekend my younger cousin said she thought I was in my 30’s. I am flattered by them both, though not fooled! Not fooled at all! Being a decade+ past that age, I recognise the need to make very deliberate choices as my body starts to age.

In that stead, I take some decent baby steps like trying to make the right food choices (though portion control is still an unaccomplished feat). I would typically buy lean meat and the reduced fat, salt or sugar options (the no added sugar Ribena is a no-no though!). I hardly eat fried foods, but if I must, I use my air fryer or the 1 calorie spray oil. The investment in salad master cookware has been a good choice, seeing as the doctor raved on and on about my cholesterol level at 2.6. [Though I did not previously have high cholesterol levels, knowing it’s in a healthy state is nonetheless reassuring].

I don’t add salt in my rice or sugar in my cuppa (but pls garri needs sugar). I don’t add oil in stews when using meat stock and mostly stick to meal times. Thankfully, I am not a sweet tooth (assuming Ede plantain chips doesn’t count), and snack sparingly (get thee behind me Tesco malted milk biscuit).

Although I am not likely to ever run a marathon because I have a real fear that an undiagnosed heart condition will be the end of me the day I do (despite my heart check showing all is well), I make conscious and deliberate choices to eat and live right.

I am not here to sell you the insanity workout (some real hard core s**t) which I am unlikely to ever achieve, but I encourage you to make healthy choices. My brother/my sister (spoken like a true African) don’t wait for a health scare to make that change, let it be deliberate, rather than forced. Eat the right food, don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle, exercise a little or a lot (let your BodyMassIndex be your guide).

[Note to self – drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies].

Peoples, smoking does all harm and no good, and with the vaping related deaths and vaping related lung disease on the rise, I would say to leave that stuff alone.

Beer bellies are not sexy, and guys, looking like you are at a full-term pregnancy is not the new cool. Get educated about the dangers of alcohol! One more thing guys, pay attention to your health. As matter of urgency, see the doctor if the signs suggest or you sense something might be wrong. If you get a call from your body, pick it up man!

Ladies ladies, you didn’t think I would let you off that easy did you? Be Breast aware, and also get the cervical screening done.

May we all live long lives, but most of all, may we all live healthy lives.
It’s on you folks, it’s on you!

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Yes! I need to get my screenings done. The mirrors can deceive us but our bodies tell us we are not getting younger.

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