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I hope you dance


2019 was a very good year for my family.
Yes, the year threw a few curve balls, like my son’s unexpected surgery, but still it has been a good year and we are so thankful. There was forgiveness, there was reconciliation. There was healing, there was restoration. There was laughter, there were tears. Most of all, there was the constant dawn of the night and the break of a new day.

For your today, and every tomorrow, I hope for you a sweet melody.
As sweet sounds from a tambourine, may your day be filled with music.
May you have a leap in your step, may you have a dance on your hip.

May your daily awakening and night sleep, be gentle as morning dew.
May your hands never grow weary, your work be priced as pure gold.
May your flowers bloom by day, your vineyards be ready at harvest.

May the bad be yesterday gone, and the best of you from hereon be.
May the clutter at last come together, as strokes upon a work of Picasso
And for your every day in 2020, I hope you dance!

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About the author
BLP is the owner of this blog, which she developed out of the need to present news/stories with a focus on Africa and the black community in an easy to read format.
BLP has a keen interest in solving problems in the developing economy through the use of technology. Of all BLP’s passions, she finds loving and looking after her 2 sons and her husband most rewarding.



Yes, 2019 has been a year of both joy and tears for me. All petitions to God satisfactorily answered to HIS glory . The fourth month of April 27th was however very very very painful, losing a very sincere friend just out of the blues! However,in everything, give thanks to the Almighty God. So, it is total Alleluia to the Lord omnipotent! Thank God for Nigeria and for my family.

Happy New year. Blessings for 2020 and the entire new decade. Thanks BLP for all your amazing articles
May God continue to bless your effort.

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