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Invest in Your Relationships. The Payoff Is Immense.

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Last week, Smarter Living ran what I think is one of the most delightful stories we’ve published: Why You Need a Network of Low-Stakes, Casual Friendships.

“Think of the parents you see in the drop-off line at school. Your favorite bartender. The other dog owners at the park,” the writer Allie Volpe told us. These low-level acquaintances not only widen our network when we’re, say, looking for a job, but research has shown that these weak ties also “empower us to be more empathetic. We’re likely to feel less lonely, too, research shows.”

This idea is perfectly summed up in Scott Galloway’s book “The Algebra of Happiness.” Mr. Galloway compares the everyday maintenance of relationships to compound interest: We make investments in those relationships through our words and actions, and over time those investments allow our relationships to blossom.

“Take a ton of pictures, text your friends stupid things, check in with old friends as often as possible, express admiration to co-workers, and every day, tell as many people as you can that you love them,” he writes. “A couple of minutes every day — the payoff is small at first, and then it’s immense.”

Yes, the metaphor is a bit of a stretch, and at worst one might read it as a tad cold (relationships shouldn’t simply be transactional, of course). But the wisdom contained in it is deeply insightful. Shared experiences with our friends and loved ones — no matter how small — are what get us through the other parts of our lives. Sending your friend a silly tweet you saw can brighten both of your days, and expressing gratitude has been found to make both you and the receiver feel measurably happy. One study found that even “social interactions with the more peripheral members of our social networks contribute to our well-being.”

So today, make an investment. Check in with an old friend, text someone a meme or even take a minute to say an overdue thank you.

What did you say, and to whom did you say it? I want to hear your stories! Tell me on Twitter @timherrera.

Have a great week!

— Tim

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