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I had this boss called Brian a couple of years ago. He’s probably the best boss I had, and I attribute that mostly to the way he dealt with every individual in the company.
As the VP engineering in this mid-sized software company, Brian always had a heartfelt hello and a big smile for everyone. It didn’t matter that it was a high-pressure environment with often near impossible deadlines. Brian also made it a duty to remember everyone’s name and the right pronunciation. Being a mid-sized company with a sizeable number of employees, that was commendable.
Those were some of the things that stood out about Brian, but there was one more thing I recall; a particular incident.

We had a really important software release and as usual there were concerns as to whether we would achieve our go-live date. This release was really important and the company had a lot staked on it.
As we concluded our ready-to-release meeting, I remember Brian saying to us all, “cross your fingers and toes, and anything else you can cross”…

This day, I borrow Brian’s words, and add a little twist to it. Cross all you can, and say a little prayer for our world. Regardless of your faith/religious belief or lack thereof, I ask that we all be united as we beseech “The Higher Power” for mercy and healing upon the peoples of the earth and our land.
Kumbaya O Lord Kumbaya! Heal our world O Lord Kumbaya!
I believe in the God of the bible, and call on Him for me and mine, and for you and yours.

The stats are scary, and personal stories particularly of younger people with no underlying health issues taken so brutally by covid-19 even more so!
My worst moments of trepidation were a couple of weeks ago, as my oldest son went through most of the reported symptoms – the cough, the high temperatures, complete loss of appetite, nausea and diarrhoea.
I am grateful (to God) that he’s fully recovered, and to popcorn 🍿(which was the first food he asked for), as he’s back to his good ol’ sef of loving and tugging with his younger brother and running riot in the house.

My prayer for you and for me, is that we survive this with our households (and loved ones) complete in our numbers.

God keep us all. Amen 🙏

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About the author
BLP is the owner of this blog, which she developed out of the need to present news/stories with a focus on Africa and the black community in an easy to read format.
BLP has a keen interest in solving problems in the developing economy through the use of technology. Of all BLP’s passions, she finds loving and looking after her 2 sons and her husband most rewarding.



Glad to know your son has recovered by His grace🙏🙏. This season and phase shall pass too, me and mine, you and yours will continue to give praise.

Amen!!! Grateful for your sons full recovery…Absolute strange times we living in…..everyday is worth been thankful for…… cheers to more popcorn and rolling around for your boys

Kumbaya!! Amen!!!so glad you baby’s doing great!! Thank God for all His mercies!! 🙏🙏🙏

Along with crossing all the cross-ables, we would continue to pray and trust that this plague will not come near our tent.
BLP….thank God for your son’s healing. These times are indeed perilous. May God keep us all safe.

Amen!!! Grateful for your sons full recovery…Absolute strange times we living in…..everyday is worth been thankful for…… cheers to more popcorn and rolling around for your boys

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