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Life Goes On!


A hard lesson I have come to learn is that.. life goes on.

Sometimes you suffer a personal tragedy of monumental proportions. Your world is shaken. You are faced with circumstances you just had not envisaged in all your permutations of life. You want the world to stop, even if just for a moment to acknowledge your loss.

Why should everyone just go about their normal businesses as if your life did not just change irrevocably? Why are people still laughing, dancing, tweeting, posting seemingly irrelevant stuff? Why are people still eating? Breathing even. Why?

But life goes on. It does not stop. It does not even pause. 

I recall a friend once saying to me, “do you know that on the very day of a personal tragedy, it’s very possible that you will laugh?” Well wishers that come to commiserate with you, may make you laugh? Not at you, nor at your loss, but to distract you or lighten the heavy mood. Do not feel guilty about this, she said wisely. Life goes on.
And in a way, you do want life to go on. You do not want to remain in misery forever. So this can be a good thing.

This is what the good book means when it says …weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. It is certain that day will succeed night. It always has, it always will. Take heart my friend. Life goes on, and it will not leave you behind. Just get back on board. His grace is always sufficient. 

Books on dealing with the loss of a loved one may sometimes be helpful through this time.


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ModupeOluwa wears many hats which include mother, daughter, sister, friend, OGQC, daughter of the most High and is passionate in all these roles. Writing is another passion of hers and she is happy to share her life’s experiences. She strongly believes that her name, which means “I thank God” is a prophetic instruction, which she endeavours to obey in all circumstances.

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Many blessing Dupe.
You’ve articulated this so well.
Our thanks to God for strength to endure, overcome, flourish, stay focused on Him and return with praise!
You are highly favoured.

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