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Love of country


“When we agree to disagree, sometimes, this is really only because we have failed to communicate” – Dola Ogunsulire

About a week ago, my mum sent a message in the family whatsapp group about a dream she had. We all told her to “pray about it”, and refused to discuss it any further. Sensing our hesitation, she said, “something terrible is going to happen, mark my words, just mark my words!”.
On the morning of 20-Oct, a friend sent a message in a whatsapp group, “I woke up heavy today, the prayer I prayed this morning, even I was shocked I was that passionate!”
In my wildest imagination, the atrocities at Lekki toll gate is not something I would ever have conceived. I have seen images, watched videos, heard and read reports (albeit not all validated), and all of these will haunt me for the rest of my life. I am a changed person forever.

For most of us, questions abound.
– The first question is probably what next?
– Will the protests return to the streets, will they not?
– Has the protest lost its steam, and will we once again not get the change we crave?
– If the Generation-Z have no leader, is this the end of the ENDSARS movement?

And slowly through all the analysis, the one strong sentiment that has emerged is, “we told you so”. Our generational differences slowly begin to threaten our unity, and sense of purpose. A hope that we last felt in 1993.

I have recently become more attune to the 5 love languages.
My predominant love language is acts of service, and my husband’s is receiving gifts.
This was a source of conflict for us in the early days, as he would buy me something nice and expensive, and I would either not wear or use it, or just toss it aside carelessly. He has slowly come to appreciate that when he lends a hand around the house, I am grateful up to the point he has to tell me to stop thanking him.

I belong to Generation X, a generation that likes to think things through to the end. We know the five steps from point A to B. The generation before me (baby boomers) have even more depth! They will do a history review, lessons learned review, SWOT analysis, and then develop the A to Z handbook for points A to B. Then along comes Generation Z, whose plan appears to be no plan, or at best haphazard.

We must understand that Generation Z speak in # and text speech!
The older generations need to understand, that the tone, language/choice of words, and manner with which you approach this generation needs to be theirs not yours.
So no matter how well-intentioned or expensive (age and experience) our presents (counsel) are, if we do not give them presents in their love language (speed of action), they will fail to receive it, and we have failed to communicate.

Whatever your generation, we are comrades in this together, so let us purpose in our hearts not to fight with fellow comrades in our quest for a better Nigeria. By virtue of our upbringing, life experiences, and generational divide, we will have differences of opinion.

For friends in time past, and for friends we pick along the way, let us not be easily angered at them when they fail to immediately respond to our request to lend a hand. Instead, let us again ask them to stand by us, how we want to be stood by. All we need at this point is for our friends around the world, and for those with a great reach to tweet using #ENDSARS that our voices might be amplified. Wars are won through the strength of numbers, so with the help of our friends, our voices grow louder, and we have further reach. 

For those who come at us saying these atrocities are committed beyond Nigeria (awon egbe all lives matter), we need only tell them it is not a competition.

While we take a breather to refocus, we should continue to take collective action.
Let us use the tools at our disposal, to continue to champion our cause. Social media helps us   raise awareness, twitter in particular helps us amplify our voices #ENDSARS.
There are petitions we can sign .
There are organisations we can send documentary evidence to such as Amnesty International and Femi Falana.
“Consider” it a civic duty to email the UN and the International Criminal Court of Justice.
And whilst a clear leader is yet to emerge from Generation Z, mediators such as the feminine_co, DJ Switch, Aisha Yesufu and Falz have emerged, and we can lean on them.

The one thing that is clear is that love of country and love of purpose (quest for change) unites us, therefore, let us channel our energies to our continued fight for a greater Nigeria!

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About the author
BLP is the owner of this blog, which she developed out of the need to present news/stories with a focus on Africa and the black community in an easy to read format.
BLP has a keen interest in solving problems in the developing economy through the use of technology. Of all BLP’s passions, she finds loving and looking after her daughter, her 2 sons and her husband most rewarding.



Been numb since Oct 20, 2020. Haven’t been able to post anything due to this numbness. Been in limbo… waiting with bated breath for the outcome of all the “panels” and I am even more convinced that the Nigerian government is a most insincere one.

They had no time to get their stories right across board and have just been moving from one gaff to another. They and their advisers sleep with their heads in one direction collectively and none can speak the truth? Imagine we had no social media with their live functions!

From the lies and changing stories to the attempts to plant or destroy evidence, the denials, intimidation/ oppression and the efforts to suppress social media, the two-faced-ness of it all…., it all beggars belief!

I have taken solace in the God we will all have to answer to at the end of this journey and in His word.

Psalm 74, Isaiah 51:22
There must be this life or the next.

Good Communication is paramount – no matter race, age, gender, religion, generation or any of the many things that make us unique and different.

The lack of communication has led to many a conflict – both large and small. And it could have also put an end to many such conflicts.

We may not always succeed in achieving “perfect” communication, but it is paramount that we keep trying, that we keep reaching out. After all, practice makes perfect right?

Kudos on writing this and other articles and addressing issues of our times and shining the light on matters that need visibility.

*This is one of the reasons that I say I’m blessed to have you in my life. Keep it up darling. MY PEOPLE, PLEASE SUPPORT #ENDSARS*

The government showed it can’t be trusted,what were the soldiers doing after dark and how did the protesters only leave after they were shot at.

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