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I am not making any new year resolutions next year, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I made one. I do however remember, that like most people I made a number of these in previous years, I broke them very early on a few days later, and made the same resolutions the next year… and then again repeat.

I read an article the other day about self-care, and this got me thinking about stuff I wanna do, and the need to start them off immediately.

I would like to spend more time with my sister-in-law (who is actually really kind to me), so for a start, we will be spending Christmas day with her family (also saves me the need to cook up a storm). We will enjoy really good home-made food, our kids get to spend the day with their cousins, and we come back home with left overs to last a few days!

I would like to spend more time reading with my kids, so I will give this 2 attempts everyday. Starting today, first thing in the morning, I will read them their book of choice, and for bedtime story, I will read them my book of choice, “Mummy Knows Best”. Also saves me feeling bad for being the one to nod off first when I sing lullabies or read bedtime stories 🤦🏽‍♀.

I would like to reinforce the importance of family prayer time to my kids, so as they climb into bed with us in the morning, or awake in our bed (having snuck in at some point during the night), we will all join hands and say our very simple morning prayer of God bless us all.

Whatever changes you need to make, that may improve your quality of life, choices that make for a healthier lifestyle, be intentional and deliberate about making the proper decisions starting today. Do not approach this as a resolution with a start date, much rather think of it as everyday living to be the best of you!.

Scrap that gym membership that only adds weight to the owners bank balance and does nothing for your waistline since you fail to show up; instead try to take a walk every chance you get.. up the stairs, to the corner store… . Those daily 5K steps can make a real difference. Let treats be treats, a little more fruits and veggies at snack time does you more good than harm. Let snack time be snack time, and let it not replace meal time – the more balanced and healthier choices you make at meal time, the less need you will have for snacking ever so often through the day.

Walking into the office building with uncle Olu many years ago, I offered to help carry his briefcase, (he’s twice my age and some, and my favourite uncle my mum’s side of the family), he politely declined whilst imparting knowledge in me; “I like to carry my briefcase to help with my posture, and to walk up the stairs as a way of keeping fit” he said. At 80+, he’s still got a straight posture, and is still as trim as he was when he said those wise words to me almost 30 years ago.

Indeed, I know signs hang everywhere that say fire exit, but you can also use the stairs when there is no fire 🤔.

If resolution making is your thing even though you know you’re gonna break it, happy resolution making, or should I say breaking 🤷🏼‍♀ !

I end on this note, to all who have stayed with me on the blog journey this year, I thank you enormously for your time. And for all the kind words and comments, I thank you.

Peace and I’m out ✌ 😉 .

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Great read – we have to be intentional about our goals daily! Thanks BLP for shedding some light on this….

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