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Rise of the NUDES & SEXTAPES


Boy: Hey bae
Girl: Boo

B: You home? 
G: Yeah

B: Alone or your fam home too? 
G: it’s just me dear. 
B: *smiles* what are you wearing?

This is the start of a harmless conversation that leads to one, two and eventually a boat-load of sexy pictures with less and less clothing. 

Below is another “sample” conversation for you…

Girl: Have you locked the door baby?
Boy: Yes mami.

G: You like what you see boo? 
B: Absolutely baby

*A few minutes later minus some clothing plus some racing pulses…

B: Ever seen yourself while you … before? 
G: I’ve never tried it before but… 

B: Let’s see what it looks like
G: I’m shy… 

B: don’t worry baby, it’s for our eyes only. C’mon. Live a little. Loosen up mami. 
G: OK boo… 
*click *record. 

Tell me that conversation doesn’t sound just a little familiar to you? Go on, I dare you. 

Back in the days, it was easy to get away with indulging in magazines like playboy and “Dauda the sexy guy” aka Nackson (back in the 80s/90s). Today, (younger) people are much more adventurous and far be it from me to have the audacity to suggest to you to be careful. *smirks

So, after nudging your imagination a little bit, let me feed you a couple more scenarios. Here we go… 

Scenario 1
So you’re home chilling and a friend stops by. Y’all are supposed to go hangout. You leave your phone(unlocked) lying on the bed. Your friend, out of boredom picks it up and heads to your photos/videos. Innocently scrolls through and sees “the tape” or your “private photos”. For reasons he/she can’t even fathom decides to “on” Bluetooth and send him/herself these pictures. 
There’s a domino effect or chain reaction waiting to happen here, seeing as your friend has (other)friends who have other friends, who also have other friends. One day, he/she might just leave an unlocked phone around a curious bugger.. 

Scenario 2
You get robbed(god forbid)! Your phone ends up in “computer village” where resident geniuses who can circumnavigate the security of various devices get their hands on it. Said genius downloads those “private” files for their own personal “enjoyment” and probably shares it with a friend(who has friends who have friends).

Scenario 3
Your mum/dad needs to quickly make a call on ur phone. While this is ongoing, you get a call on your other phone or a random visitor shows up and takes your attention. Mum/dad out of curiosity(if you’re a Nigerian child, you know this happens), goes through your chats or photos and sees your “private” files. 
In each of these scenarios, your “privates” have fallen into unintended territory. In at least 2 of those scenarios, your files can get into a very public forum or even a plethora of platforms. You disagree? OK, explain that video that was recorded by two consenting adults in a private facility that went viral and led to a 300 level being expelled. And you know for a fact that other consequences will follow. 

In 2019 alone, there have been enough leaked nudes and sex-tapes to warrant a pause before indulging. 

Yes, you’re proud of your body.
Yes, you’re proud of your “skills”.
Yes, you’re sexually liberated and woke. But think am…

Every Tom, Dick and Harry with a 10k phone and a mobile network or (terrible) ISP for as low as #100 now potentially has access to something you cover up every time you hit the road. 

Here’s a thought… Take an extra 10-20 seconds to think “do I really need to take/save this picture/video?”

What do I know though? I’m probably a nobody to this woke generation! 

Enjoy yourself! Do you! Don’t you dare let anyone tell you what to do!

Be a rebel to the system by doing exactly what the system has you primed to do! We go all dey alright!

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About the author
Born back in the late 70’s, S Dot became a household name in Nigeria in the mid 2000s as one of the pioneering Vee Jays of Soundcity TV.
Equally adept at rapping and sound production, he has now turned his attention to writing pieces that resonate with the current state of the global village known as the world, but from a Nigerian point of view. The Lagos-based rapper/presenter/producer and now writer, just wants to find creative ways of sharing that jumbled hot-mess mind of his.

Twitter: @sdotiam
IG: sdotiam


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