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The CORE of who you are


I consider myself one with many friends (not facebook type, but REAL FRIENDS), and of these many, there are 4 friends that I call good people. The thing about Banke, Mariam, Abemu and FJ is that they are always willing to repeatedly put themselves out there for people; at their core, they are dependable people.

Growing up in a city and time with no AA (or the like), I used to say of Abemu; if my car broke down, and she was many cities away in another continent, of all my friends I would think to reach out to her first for help. I would do this because I could trust that she would somehow come through. This is an atypical character of my good people.

Just the other day at the really busy shopping mall with fully occupied car spaces, my husband stood in pouring rain, to hold a parking space for my friend who was a few minutes drive away. He is a kind person at his core.

Let’s take a moment to think about my friend Alan, who likes to sacrifice his time for the good of other people. When I asked how he spent Christmas day, he replied, “Our neighbour hasn’t long to live, so we invited him and his wife for Christmas Day. Was a fab day! Too much food, monopoly, music and friendship. Don’t need much else.”

The core of who we are always come to bare in every situation whether it is convenient or not, particularly when we stand to benefit nothing, and it is for the good of others. The question here is, what lies at your core? What kind of person are you?

As I sit here and write, I ask myself the same question. Most of all I ponder how I can realign myself to be a much better person, for if the core of me is love, in my own little way, I can contribute much good to the world. For indeed, the universe will give back what we give to it.

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I am super touched my darling Sister-friend….This accolade made my year already 😂😂😂…
My dearest BLP, You are not just a dependable sister-friend, you are kind, giving and compassionate…
I feel blessed….

Very salient point , the core of who you always comes to the front in situations Most especially in difficult ones

Very salient point , the core of who you are lays to bare in every situation.Most especially in difficult ones

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