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The “ODDITY” of us all


I hosted a high school reunion last year, and prior to the event, I had asked everyone to send me one weird fact about themselves. On the day, as I read out weird fact after weird fact, the girls all had to guess which person amongst us was the alien being described. We could not for the life of us fathom why anyone would ensure she starts and ends her climb up the stairs on a particular foot. I mean, who even looks at their feet when walking?

I know of someone who “watches” movies on wikipedia. For real, I am not making this up. Not just a single movie, but she has watched, okay, read through episodes (line-by line) of TV programmes with multiple series.

Personally, I don’t eat broccoli because I am convinced it will continue growing in me after I have consumed it. One day, I am just going to open my mouth, and out will come branches of broccoli!

I have learnt that you never really know what headspace someone is in. Yes he/she may have smiled at you yesterday, and now he/she is giving you a blank look. I ask you to make a little allowance for the headspace blues!

Now, let us leave aside intentional choices that define our quirkiness. Let us for a minute think of those who have no say in their peculiarity. Maybe a visible disability, maybe a hidden disability, maybe on the spectrum, maybe…

I recall being at some place a few years ago, where I got chatting with a mum who was there with her toddler. As he wasn’t responding verbally when his mum spoke to him, I asked “How old is he”.
“3” she responded.
At the time, it did seem a little off to me, that he wasn’t talking.
Years down the line, I am that mum with a toddler the same age with mild speech delay.

I don’t know what your oddity is, but I know we’ve all got some weirdness going on. It might be more obvious like a 6th finger, or hidden like a wikipedia cinema aficionado, but in this world of changing seasons, you may one day go from being the one asking the question as I did, to being the person answering the question as I do.

UB 40 put it really nicely in the song, Higher Ground
Every hour of every day, I’m learning more
The more I learn, the less I know about before
The less I know, the more I want to look around
Digging deep for clues on higher ground

Here’s 3 cheers, to the oddity of us all!

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Another brilliant piece! Our ‘oddities’ is what makes us truly unique! Who wants to be ordinary??? 😉

I have a friend who says we re all “off”. Our prayer is that we do not encounter circumstances
that tip us over the edge and expose our oddity.

As for the intentional quirk, I guess that is part of what makes us who we are. Thankfully, those that love us do so quirks and all!

Brilliant read!
Well done once again.
This is important not to judge but to be open to others oddity’s as what is odd to you might not be odd to me.
You also give others the opportunity to feel comfortable talking to you. And vis a vis you’ll feel comfortable sharing too.

I hope I haven’t written too much. It is a great article! 😃


What an awesome piece, I love reading these articles, next time we meet I will ask you to open your mouth and expect broccoli to branch out 😂 My oddity is that people think I’m Odd/crazy because I left a comfortable job earning a comfortable income doing comfortable things but my goal was to educate and empower people to change their lives through financial education. Someone once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results!

You need to do the uncomfortable to become comfortable and that makes me very odd 😂


Beautiful !
This took me back to high school days….glad I did not miss out my child hood n wish I could go back!

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