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The ONE person


I saw a beautiful picture of my sister this morning, but then again, she has many beautiful pictures. A pretty one she is, my sister!

I supposedly look like her, at least that’s what people tell me, but that’s where the similarities end! Most days are a bad hair day for me, and everyday is a good hair day for her. She’s always been extremely stylish and sophisticated, and I have only recently started making more of an effort. Over a decade ago, when she turned 40, I remember her saying she feels wiser. I foolishly thought the same will happen to me. Let’s just say, whatever magic spell hit her, is yet to find my address.

What I really want to talk about though, or should I say write about, is the ONE thing that makes her special. That ONE trait about her has built a foundation that has ensured the continued close bond within my family; particularly now that we are all grown ups with our own families and challenges of everyday living.

My ONE person, is that person within our family who without fail ALWAYS insists we come together as a family, and lend a helping hand (and not always financial) to whoever is in need at the moment, no matter how undeserving the person might be.


Like me, your ONE person could very well be a sister (or brother); extend the family a little, and maybe it’s a cousin or surprisingly, it might even be an in-law, a neighbour round the block or colleague at work.

Like me, you might be quite self-aware, and know that you’re full of it, and undeserving; so I ask you to take a moment, and look around you for that ONE person who makes your life a beautiful space.

Pick up the phone and make that call. Leave a voice mail or send a voice note; or maybe a text or a good old-fashioned hand written note. Or if you’re a bloke reading this, and don’t want to get all caught up in this emotional brouhaha, then perhaps take your ONE person out for a drink/meal, or just give them a heart-felt high-five!

Whatever way you choose to communicate, do it now, as it turns out we don’t live forever, and this side of life (and not a graveside) is a much better time and place to let that ONE person know you love and appreciate them.

If you self-identify as that ONE person within a circle, on behalf of those of us whose lives you add sunshine as a fine summers’ day, I thank you. May you have beautiful rainbows for every rainy day!

FLP, dear sister and BFF, thank you. I love and appreciate you!

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I do remember your sister being stylish and sophisticated and also very warm. Thank God for her as your that ONE person in this day and age where the “busyness” of life gets in the way of us taking time to reach out and stay connected to those who matter the most in our lives. And thanks to you BLP for a good read; opened my eyes to a few truths……. more grace to you!!!

Very lovely and honest write up. A reminder to always appreciate those closest to us whom we might often take for granted.

Really nice article..deep.
Without people like FLP, perhaps some families won’t be. So, thank you FLP and everyone playing an FLP role, no matter how small x

Very well written and fluid . A beautiful reminder to appreciate the people/ persons who serves as our glue in life.

I join you, BLP, in saying thank you to everyone who does that little/big bit extra to make the world a more pleasant place to be.
Very beautifully written!

Hilarious at first, but very deep. Thank you for sharing and indeed it’s best to appreciate that ONE person (and may be more than One) in our lives while they are with us.

Whoa, lovely write up about my big sis.. by another sister of life..True words omo Iya and thank you for reminding us to always appreciate our own.
FLP is truly an ageless, elegant, kind and smart G.O.A.T.

This was so pleasant to read. I like when our loved ones can read and also know they are appreciated and loved. I told someone recently I don’t support post-humous accolades when the person is not there to read or hear it. Thanks for writing this.

I love this article. So well written BLP. We sure don’t do enough appreciating the special people in our lives and then we wait for their funerals to say all the nice things that they didn’t get to hear when they were here. Thanks for the reminder.

Very apt and nice of you to appreciate your Sista in this way. We all have our role in family unit or larger society. And may GOD grant us wisdom grace and courage to do so.Appreciating each person role is significant to growth. Aside you have many role models within your family. Keep writing, we appreciate your role also.

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